The Inside Story

"An open, progressive and supportive culture"


Amy Ballantyne

Where did you study:

University of the West of England (UWE) 

Foot Anstey office location:

Currently Bristol, following 8 months in Exeter and 4 months in Plymouth


Corporate (Exeter), Corporate (Plymouth), Employment (Bristol) currently and Banking (Bristol) next

What appealed to you about Foot Anstey?

The combination of quality, drive and ambition with a focus on its people and a work-life balance had a strong appeal for me. Foot Anstey's reputation amongst junior lawyers was very positive particularly with respect to its 'down to earth' people. The South West focus also appealed to me, having attended school in Plymouth before settling in Bristol. 

What has the highlight of your trainee contract been so far? 

Whilst in my Corporate Seat I assisted a Partner with preparing a presentation for a new client of the firm. On the day of the presentation I had the opportunity to deliver a number of slides to an audience of 70 delegates. This was a great test of my public speaking skills and also my networking skills as the presentation was followed by a networking lunch!  

What do you like about the culture at Foot Anstey?  

It's open, progressive and supportive.

How has Foot Anstey helped you grow your career? 

The four month seat rotation has increased my exposure to different practice areas, not only helping me to find the right practice area for me but also enhancing my understanding of other work-streams in the firm and find opportunities for collaboration. Rotating around the firm's offices has provided a great opportunity to build relationships with colleagues across three of our offices.