The Inside Story

"It has been exciting to work in a fast-paced environment."

Will Whitt joined us in October 2011 to drive a new, dedicated transactional banking practice. The strategy of the practice was, and continues to be, to support our Corporate and Real Estate practices, as well as our Islamic finance practice. We also wanted to take advantage of the opportunities we saw in the banking market, particularly in the South West. “It was more or less a standing start three years ago and we’ve made fantastic progress so far. We currently work with a number of banks, including Santander, NatWest, Lloyds, HSBC, ABC International Bank and QIB (UK), as well as a number of other entities both inside and outside the UK who are lending or borrowing money.”

As an associate, Emma Wood has assisted Will for the past year in developing key relationships with clients and ensuring the flow of work remains steady and strong. “Working in a small team means there’s a certain amount of pressure, but it also means a lot more opportunity to control the direction of the practice area and feel like you’re really making a difference to the firm. There’s a lot of support for what we want to achieve, so we’ve been lucky to have a certain amount of freedom when it comes to how we achieve it.” Will agrees: “The firm have been really supportive when it comes to approaching our work in the way we’d like to, including how we pursue clients.”

So what is next for the growing practice area? Will explains that the team want to do more of the same by expanding in numbers, strength and depth of experience. “We want to do more and better, high quality work and we’ll do that through a dual approach of expanding the team and developing the right relations with the right people. Building the critical mass we need will ensure we can go after higher value work.”